How Much To Tip Your Pizza Delivery Monterey Driver

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How Much To Tip Your Pizza Delivery Monterey Driver

So a few months ago my husband and I lost one of our biggest vendors for our company. With this we lost a large percentage of our income. I decided that I would go back to doing something I had thoroughly enjoyed doing 10 years ago. We had given it much thought and I simply was not okay putting our daughter in daycare. So working a 5pm to close shift was perfect. I would only have to miss out on three hours of my children’s day. I have been there two weeks now and I have to say, what people tip hasn’t change much either! So let me give you all a little insider perspective on how much you should tip your Pizza Delivery Monterey driver. How Much Is a Good Tip For a Pizza Delivery Monterey Driver What is your time worth? A good Digiorno pizza will cost you about $10. Then it will cost you the gas to go to the grocery store and back, so we’ll say maybe $5 more. On top of that there is both the time saved by not having to go to the store and the time saved not having to cook that pizza. We won’t even go into the cost and time involved if you have a large family to feed or if you were to purchase all the ingredients to make that pizza from scratch. So how much is your time worth? It takes about an hour to preheat and then cook a frozen pizza. Where I work you can get a large deep dish pizza with all taxes and all for around $14. So even if you tipped your delivery driver $6 you will still be below what ordering that pizza has actually saved between cost, time, and energy. So how do you know how much to tip them? Well think of it a few different ways. First how far are you from them? After all they pay for their own gas. So they have to get to you and back to the store. Chances are most people can’t get very far without it taking up an easy $5 in gas between sitting at traffic lights and driving. Also how heavy of a traffic area do you live in? I often deliver pizzas during rush hour traffic in one of the busiest places in my state. There is a traffic light every 100 feet it seems and quite often we are stuck sitting because traffic gets backed up. Do you like sitting in traffic? Of course not! That’s why you’re paying someone to bring it to you! The next thing to think about is what time of day it is. Did you order your food 10 minutes before the store was supposed to close? Is your Pizza Delivery Monterey driver supposed to be well on his or her way to the comfort of their homes? If you are ordering your food at closing time it should influence the amount you tip.

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