What Does A Pizza Delivery Blakehurst Man Do?

Pizza Delivery Blakehurst brings pizza and other food from a restaurant to a residence or business that ordered the meal. Usually the delivery driver uses his own vehicle, and works nights and weekends. The hourly pay is low, but the driver can make extra in tips, and typically the employer will pay some mileage costs.


A pizza delivery man is usually called a pizza delivery driver or pizza delivery specialist. He delivers from a restaurant within a specified distance to people who call or fax in orders for food and beverages. The pizza delivery driver checks all products for quality before leaving the restaurant, and then at the place of delivery, interacts in a friendly manner with customers to obtain payment, issue change and give receipts.


At some places of business, the delivery drivers will have other responsibilities, as well. When not driving, they may be kneading dough and placing toppings. They might take orders at the counter or over the phone.


Chain restaurants hiring pizza delivery drivers usually require a high school diploma or successful completion of the General Education Development test. The pizza delivery man will need a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, and typically be free of any moving violations for at least two years. Pizza delivery drivers must observe speed limits and obey all road signs.


The Pizza Delivery Blakehurst driver usually has to use his own vehicle, drive around with large amounts of money in all sorts of neighborhoods, and is expected to deliver pizza no matter how nasty the weather. They face unleashed dogs and intoxicated customers.

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