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Is the P in PIZZA for Peperoni or Parmesan?

Monterey – there are a few Montereys in the world, just Google it! The famous one for music is in California but the one famous for being near Sans Souci the site of the failed attempt by Nazi Germany to take Australia, is in Botany Bay.

Here is a picture of what he was after



You don’t have to restrict yourself to the local store if you want pizza in Monterey or launch an invasion!. You can pick up your phone and call the number above. They will deliver pizza till you pop with the plenitude of it.


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Italian Coast


pizza monterey

Italy flag

let’s face it – this is a serious feed!

Italian Monterey Eating



Bexley North Italian

for Italian pizza, go to


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Allawah Italian

Allawah Italian

Google Says

Get it now click the link see the menu Monterey


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