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Peperoni In Zealous Zebras Actually!



So what’s good about Carlton? It’s a part of early Sydney heritage. Walking around you can see the cottages built during the  pre-Federation period with that ubiquitous [unfortunately] Brunswick Green paint on gutters and gates.

The modern ubiquitous colour of course is Mission Brown and there’s plenty of that around. When I say ubiquitous …

But Carlton is also modernising with blocks of flats scattered throughout out the suburb.

But it’s not just domestic inhabitants who abound, there is some light industry too.

I go there every Saturday [just about] for a good deal on meats.

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Yes have another one, you know you want to : )



Why not eat a pizza tonight and every night? Gluten issues? Well you can get a gluten free pizza base nowadays so that will look after you.

Worried about your weight?

Get the thin and crispy crust! Or just rip the goodies off the base [when cooked] at stuff them in your gob and pig-out!

No don’t be shy with pizza, it’s not designed to be eaten by those with a ‘delicate’ constitution.

Enjoy 🙂

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